In 2013 a group of young innovators from the United Kingdom competed with 200 teams in an international robotics challenge in New York City.

We believe that all young innovators should be able to be in the environment that allows them to not only create and build their ideas but also display them in the global arena.



A spark of genius needs funding to turn it into reality. There are many talented young people that if given the chance could create the products or tomorrow or simply use a proven idea to create employment for their piers.

There are far too few funding support networks for our young people, The Charles Gordon Enterprise Initiative is here to bridge the gap.




Developing and idea for a product or business requires real help and advice from people in a vast array of industries.

The Charles Gordon Enterprise Intiative provides introductions to leading business professionals.



The Charles Gordon Enterprise Initiative

Our non-profit organisation is based around helping and teaching children and young adults the ins and outs of business. Charles Gordon Enterprise initiative is about giving the youth of London a better understanding of how to build an idea and follow it through to the end product

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